Friday, April 15, 2011

Faith and Infertility

I have finally started taking advantage of my time commuting. I burned the 2011 April Ensign on CD and started listening this morning. As I was listen the article Faith and Infertility came on. It is a touching account of 4 couples and their experiences with infertility.
I suggest that everyone check it out, those that are struggling with infertility but also those that are not but perhaps have friends that are.
Also, here is a link to our story of trying to conceive. I think that there is a lot to learn from other people's experiences. Even if you are not struggling to conceive, or have never had issues conceiving, reading the Ensign article can perhaps give you some new insight into other's struggles and their perspectives. Perhaps it might also enhance your relationship with your spouse and children.

Friday, March 25, 2011


The word is out! So I might as well put it on my blog! We are just about 16 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier.
I am going to start posting to our Simple Parents blog now too. I'll be posting more details on what it took to get pregnant and what we are doing and planning now that we are pregnant. I'll link to the posts, but feel free to check it out directly!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chattanooga Anniversary - Incline Railway & Point Park

After Rock City we drove over to the Incline Railway. We decided that we would start at the top, but would just do a round trip adventure. It was super crowded and we had to wait forever to get on the train. Then when we were at the bottom, the line was even longer! We decided to eat some lunch and check out a second hand clothing store. We even bought some items, but unfortunately left them on the train.  Had the ride on the railway not included the huge amount of waiting time it would have been a lot better.
Here is the view:
Waving to the other train!
Here’s the view from the bottom and then on the way back up. We got to stand where the “conductor” stands. The guy felt bad for us, and let us on even though the train was packed. It made for some awesome shots and a little video.
Here’s the nice guy that hooked us up.
After the sweet ride on the railway we drove down the street to Point Park, which is also the Lookout Mountain Battlefield.

Chattanooga Anniversary 2010 - Rock City

We decided for our anniversary, April 10th, we would go up to Chattanooga, TN to see some new things. Specifically we planned to see the Lookout Mountain attractions. We started with Rock City, which was very interesting. Basically it’s a bunch of rocks that you walk through. There are some cool parts, where you are slinking your way through two huge boulders, but there are also some super strange things like Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village; it’s a good thing they save the super strange things until the end.
There was this crazy guy chainsaw carving these huge trees. I think he made some furniture and things.
Sweet Bog Garden!
There were lots of pretty flowers
Then there are a few things that aren’t so pretty:
Here is Fat Man Squeeze:
I took tons of pictures in Fairyland Caverns because it was totally bizarre. Check it out in my Picasa album:
You can also see more pictures of Mother Goose Village, which was also very bizarre.
Overall Rock City was worth seeing, once. Walking through the rocks and seeing the scenery was nice, but there were plenty of weirdo things involved that made it not awesome. They had plenty of “unnatural” plantings around on the rocks, the waterfall was also man made, and they had a track of ambient woodland sounds playing when you initially walk through the rock garden. It’s very touristy. We experienced the difference between a National or State run park/attraction and a privately owned one, including Ruby Falls, which you’ll see soon.